Supervising Children on a Moon Bounce: What You Need to Know

Adult supervision is essential when it comes to children using a moon bounce. Whether you're setting up the inflatable yourself or you've hired a company to do it, make sure it's far away from walls, greenhouses, concrete surfaces, sharp objects, or any other areas of potential danger. Studies have shown that many of the most serious injuries occur when multiple children are playing on the moon bounce at the same time. Additionally, there have been reports of children getting trapped by heavy plastics when the moon suddenly bounces and deflates, which can lead to suffocation.

If there are multiple children on the moon bounce at once, instruct them to keep a safe distance from each other and not to touch each other. It's understandable that children want to enjoy the fun of bouncing on a moon, but safety should always be the top priority. The manufacturers of Moon Bounce comply with some voluntary standards and the user manuals that come with them contain warnings, but unfortunately many parents never read them.

Evert van der Doorn
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