What is the Difference Between a Moon Bounce and a Bounce House?

It turns out that moonlets go by different names depending on the region. In Virginia and Maryland, they are often referred to as lunar rebounds. On the West Coast, they are usually called Bounce Houses. In the Mid-Atlantic, they are often referred to as bouncy castles. Inflatable designs are based on capacity for both weight and end users.

The material used in children's polka dots is usually strong enough to support more than 100 pounds, but the seam seams aren't made to withstand heavier loads. A fan is used to regulate weight loads, as it cannot blow enough air to keep the unit steady if there are more than 100 pounds in a specific area. The overall size is one of the most notable differences between commercial inflatable houses and children's bouncy houses. It is important to identify the end user for whom you are going to make the purchase and to match their interests with the available options. When children see a jumping moon, a bouncy house in a castle or a 20 x 20 sweater at their event, they get very excited and create great memories. One of the reasons why these companies are doing so well is that the inflatables they rent are so big and expensive that it's not something most people want to have.

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