How Much Power Does a Moon Bounce Need?

When it comes to powering a moon bounce, the amount of power needed depends on the size and type of inflatable. Generally, an average bouncy house will require a generator that can provide a minimum of 2000 watts. It's important to check the specifications of your particular bouncy house before purchasing a generator to ensure it meets the power requirements. The fan that keeps the inflatable inflated will need to be powered continuously while in use. The smallest generator that can power a moon bounce is 2000 watts, which is usually enough for even the largest bouncy houses.

However, there are other factors to consider when using a moon bounce outdoors. If you plan on using your inflatable house in a public park or in an area without access to an electrical outlet, you'll need to invest in a generator. Moon bounces are great for entertaining groups of children outdoors. If you plan on using your bouncy house regularly outside, it's recommended that you purchase an extension cable so that you can easily and quickly set up your inflatable house.

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