Can I Use a Moon Bounce in the Rain or Snow?

We strongly recommend that you do not install your bouncy house at temperatures below 40°C. Safety precautions for Moon Bouncers inflatable booths should be used only under adult supervision. Never leave children unattended at any time. Keep your inflatable away from heat and open flames.

The material will burn or melt when it comes into contact with open flames or heat. Children should not wear inflatable jumpers if they have any existing medical conditions, such as, but not limited to (ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS), neck injuries, back injuries, joint injuries, heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, other health problems, make sure the electrical source is safe before use Keep children away from the inflatable fan Do not insert Insert fingers or toes into the fan Do not insert any objects into the blower If the fan does not work Correctly, stop using it immediately.

Do not use it in case of rain, snow, strong winds or extreme weather conditions.

When using a slide, DO NOT SLIDE your HEAD first. Make sure the inflatable slide is clear before using it. Do not stand on the slide.

Do not leave the bouncy house inflated when not in use. Prolonged exposure to the sun or strong winds will destroy tissues. Do not use it at temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Direct exposure to the sun can heat surfaces to unsafe temperatures for playing Avoid rough games Promote safe play in your castle.

Inflatable sweaters make sure you have a sufficient security perimeter around your house. For example, if you have a moonfall that has a 10 x 10 foot footprint, you'll need a minimum of 13 x 13 feet for the moonjumper. Below 50 degrees, the bouncy house is much stiffer, to the point that some children complain that the bouncy house is not as fun as usual. And since a bouncy house can be installed indoors, there's really no reason to use a bouncy house when it's cold.

But can you use a bouncy house in winter? Exactly how cold is “too cold” for a bouncy house to be used safely?Pogo Bounce House is a wholesale and retail distributor of high-quality, fun and cool bouncy houses, water slides, carnival games, obstacle courses and more. As an expert in safety and fun for kids' activities, I'm often asked if it's safe to use a moon bounce in rain or snow. The answer is no - it's never safe to use an inflatable jumper in wet weather conditions such as rain or snow. Even if you're using an indoor moon bounce, it's best to avoid using it when temperatures are below 40°C.

This is because the material used for these inflatables can become stiff and less fun when exposed to cold temperatures. In addition to avoiding wet weather conditions, there are several other safety precautions that should be taken when using a moon bounce. First and foremost, adult supervision is always required when children are playing on an inflatable jumper. It's also important to keep your inflatable away from open flames and heat sources as this can cause damage to the material and even cause it to melt or catch fire.

Children with existing medical conditions such as neck injuries, back injuries, joint injuries, heart problems, asthma or bronchitis should also avoid using an inflatable jumper as this could worsen their condition. When setting up your moon bounce, make sure that you have enough space for it - typically you'll need at least 13 x 13 feet for a 10 x 10 foot moonfall footprint. Additionally, make sure that all electrical sources are safe before use and keep children away from the inflatable fan at all times. If the fan does not work correctly then stop using it immediately and do not insert any objects into the blower either.

When using a slide on your moon bounce make sure that no one slides head first and that the slide is clear before anyone uses it - no one should stand on the slide either! Finally, make sure that you deflate your moon bounce when it's not in use as prolonged exposure to sun or strong winds can damage its material over time. In conclusion, while moon bounces are great fun for kids of all ages they must be used safely and responsibly - this means avoiding wet weather conditions such as rain or snow and taking all necessary safety precautions when setting up and using your moon bounce.

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