How to Repair a Damaged or Worn Out Moon Bounce

If your moon bounce has been damaged or worn out, you'll need to take action to repair it. The best way to do this is to use a patch kit and apply it to the affected area with vinyl cement or patch glue. If the tear is along a seam, you'll need to sew it back together with a sewing punch. If you discover the damage while the moon bounce is in use, you can use TPU tape to quickly and easily repair it.

Simply wipe the area with alcohol, apply the tape, and then use a sewing roller to smooth it out. For minor damage, you can use one of the do-it-yourself inflatable repair kits available. You can also purchase additional inflatable booth repair kits on our accessories page. When you return it, be sure to inspect it for breaks in the fabric.

Minor tears can be repaired quickly, but if you let go of a small tear, it can get bigger and can't be repaired. Pogo Bounce House is a wholesale and retail distributor of high-quality bouncy houses, water slides, carnival games, obstacle courses and more. Depending on the type of news you see, you may have seen stories about bouncy houses that are raised in high winds and that injure people, or about children who jump too far (or who simply land where they shouldn't) and get injured. If the damage to your inflatable exceeds 6 inches, we recommend that it be repaired by a professional bouncy house repair center. They may include inspections of the mooring lines, the pumps that keep a bouncy house inflated, the material of the bouncy house itself, wear and tear and anything else that the insurance company deems appropriate to check. Here are some essential maintenance tips you can use to ensure that your bouncy moon lasts a long time and provides customers with lots of fun memories:

  • Clean your bouncy house regularly with mild soap and water.
  • Avoid using bleach as this can discolor the material.
  • Remove shoes and sharp objects such as jewelry and key rings before entering.
  • Walk around the bouncy house while it's inflated and with the fan on to feel if air escapes from where it shouldn't be.
In fact, once you learn how to fix a bouncy house and realize how easy it is to repair a bouncy house, you might even laugh at how worried you were. There is no reason to throw the bouncy house in the trash when this happens.

Many bouncy house repairs are very simple.

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