How Much Wattage Does a Bounce House Need?

When it comes to powering a bounce house, the minimum output power must be 2,000 watts. This is enough to run a fan and have enough free space to connect lights, charge phones, or operate a small stereo at the same time. If you need to operate two fans, you may need to use a 4,000 watt generator. A large bouncy house can be powered by a 2000 watt, 20 amp generator to power the fan. You can pay more for a quieter one.

If the generator isn't strong enough, the fan won't be able to keep the inflatable house inflated and it may not even start due to overvoltage. Most sites rent generators with a bouncy house. The inflatable house fan will need continuous power and will be operating as long as the inflatable house is in use. They are excellent services to spend a few days, since these places offer more commercial types of bouncy houses that work great outdoors and when a group of children jump on them. Usually, the smallest generator to power a bouncy house is 2000 watts, which is actually enough for a large bouncy house, but there are other factors to consider. When renting or buying a generator for your bounce house, make sure it has enough wattage to power the fan and any other accessories you may need.

It's also important to check that the generator is quiet enough so that it doesn't disturb your guests. Additionally, make sure that the generator is powerful enough so that it won't overvolt and cause any damage to your bounce house.

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