When is it Unsafe to Use a Bounce House?

Children under the age of six should not play in bouncy houses. Only small groups of children (less than four) of similar size and age should play at the same time, but one child at a time is the safest way to play. This study on injuries related to bouncy houses is in addition to another study related to pediatric dog bite injuries and is the most recent example of how CHOC, as a newly designated Level 1 pediatric trauma center, is leading the regional injury prevention initiative. The team of researchers from the CHOC Research Institute determined that, while most injuries caused by inflatable houses (96.4%) are mild enough to allow patients to be discharged from the emergency department, more industrial regulations and community education are needed to prevent children from being hit while inside the inflatable play structure, falling from it (35.8%) or a combination of both. Experts strongly advise against installing a bounce house when temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The material used for these structures is not flexible enough to handle cold weather, which increases the risk of injury. Furthermore, using a bounce house in cold weather can cause damage to the structure itself. Therefore, if you have access to an indoor space, it's best to use it instead. But what if you want to use a bounce house in winter? It's important to make sure that all safety regulations are followed, such as moorings and adequate inflation and weight limits. Additionally, temperatures should not drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit as this can make the material too stiff for children to enjoy playing in it.

Lastly, adults should not use the bounce house at the same time as children as their bouncing can cause kids to fall. Pogo Bounce House is a wholesale and retail distributor of high-quality, fun and cool bouncy houses, water slides, carnival games, obstacle courses and more. They provide all the necessary safety regulations for their products so that you can enjoy them without worrying about your children's safety.

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