How Much Does a Moon Bounce Cost?

If your kids were over the moon with the bouncy house at your last party, you may be considering buying one for them. Bouncy houses, bouncy castles, moonjumpers, inflatable water slides and jumping castles are all large-scale inflatable structures designed for interactive entertainment. Before you book your bouncy house, you need to let the provider know what surface it will be placed on - concrete, asphalt, grass or something else. If you're planning a big event, a more exciting moon bounce is a great way to keep more children entertained. The only safety requirements are that the bouncy house is in good condition, properly installed and that someone supervises the children while they play inside.

Bouncy houses usually have a flat, inflatable base and inflatable walls so that kids can jump and bounce without getting hurt, as well as doors and windows with mesh so that children can see outside and adults can see inside.

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