How Often Should I Inspect My Moon Bounce for Damage or Wear and Tear?

The short answer is simple: any provider of attractions, including inflatable ones, must inspect their inflatables for safety at least once a year and have adequate insurance. Upon meeting these requirements, the company will receive a certification sticker for each inflatable device inspected and verified. It's easy to check the validity of these stickers. We take the setup and cleaning of our bouncy houses very seriously, so we only rent them out once a day.

This gives us time to inspect, disinfect, and install them properly and deliver them on time. If you're looking to have your party in a park, that's possible too. However, some parks require reservations and permits, so make sure to contact the park district for their requirements. Additionally, you'll need access to electricity or a generator.

To keep the bouncy house inflated, it must remain plugged in at all times. We provide our own sturdy cables that are less than 100 feet long to avoid blowing up the circuit breaker. The insurance company may also require inspections of the mooring lines, pumps, material of the bouncy house itself, wear and tear, and anything else they deem necessary. It's important to be aware of the potential risks associated with bouncy houses.

High winds can cause them to lift off the ground and injure people, while children can get hurt if they jump too far or land in an unsafe area.

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