How Many Kids Can Fit in a 13x13 Bounce House?

A 13x13 foot commercial bouncy house is the most common size for inflatable houses and combined units. It typically has a jumping area of 13x13 feet and an attached slide. Most of these units can accommodate up to seven people at once, as long as they are all the same age and physical capacity. A smaller 10-foot inflatable house can fit up to five eight-year-old children.

A basic 13-foot bouncy house can hold up to eight young children, but no more than four teenagers at the same time. A standard 15-foot inflatable house can fit eight to ten children under eight years old and four to five teenagers. If you're planning to include a bouncy house at your child's next party, make sure it can accommodate the number of children you plan to invite. This way, everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time.

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