What Materials are Used to Make a Moon Bounce?

Bouncy houses have come a long way since their inception, and today they come in a variety of sizes and names, such as bouncy castles, moonwalks, and moon jumps. The main material used to construct these inflatable booths is 180z vinyl, which is attached with industrial threads. Inside the bouncy house, there are cameras known as baffling that help direct air into the interior of the inflatable house to keep it inflated. The most commonly used sandbags for inflatable and inflatable houses are 40-pound sandbags with carrying handles and hooks for anchoring the bouncy house. It is important to be aware of any allergies related to the material of a bouncy castle before organizing a party.

Additionally, knowing what the bouncy castle is made of can help you know how to properly care for it. It is worth noting that lighter materials used to build residential bouncy houses are more difficult to repair than those of commercial bouncy houses. To avoid damaging the material, it is best to avoid placing the bouncy house on anything that could pierce it.

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